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Crawler Crane ZCC1100H
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Item Unit Value Remarks
Max. lifting capacity / radius US Tons/ft(mt/m) 110/10’6”(100/3.2)  
Max. lifting capacity of fixed jib US Tons (mt) 8.8(8)  
Main boom length ft(m) 42’8”-219’10”(13-67)  
Fixed jib length ft(m) 180’5”+59’(55+18)  
Main boom angle 30-82.5  
Fixed jib angle 10,30  
Rope speed of hoisting winches 1 and 2 With free-fall function ft/min(m/min) 325(99) On the 4th rope layer
Without free-fall function ft/min(m/min) 393(120) On the 4th rope layer
Single rope speed of derricking winch ft/min(m/min) 190(58) On the 4th rope layer
Max./rated single rope force of hoisting winches 1 and 2 With free-fall function Lbs(mt) 44100/29988(20/13.6) With optional free-fall function
Without free-fall function Lbs(mt) 31311/27342(14.2/12.4) On the 1st rope layer
On the 1st rope layer
Max.single rope force of derricking winch Lbs(mt) 15656(7.1) On the 1st rope layer
Slewing speed r/min


Traveling speed(high/low speed) mph(km/h) 0.78/0.31(1.25/0.5)  
Gradeability %(°) 30%(16.7°  
Max.transport weight of basic machine Lbs(mt) 99887(45.3)  
Deadweight(with basic boom) Lbs(mt) 189630(86)  
Counterweight Lbs(mt) 61740(28) Rear counterweight
22050(10) Central counterweight
Slewing radius ft(m) 15’5”(4.7)  
Overall dimensions(L × W × H) m 45’3”×11’2”×11’(13.8×3.4×3.35)  
Ground clearance of the undercarriage ft(mm) 17”(437)  
Engine Type   Cummins QSL9-280  
Rated power HP@RPM(Kw@RPM) 280@2100(209@2100)
Max. output torque Lbs?ft@RPM(N?m@RPM) 1050@1500(1424@1500)
Exhaust standard   According to U.S.EPA Tier 3
Distance between track center×crawler contact length×crawler width ft(m) 8’2”×17’10”×2’7”(2.5×5.44×0.8) Crawler carrier retracted
13’9”×17’10”×2’7”(4.2×5.44×0.8) Crawler carrier extended