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Fire Fighting DG54
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• Aerial platform height 54 meters, excellent for aerial resue and extinguishing, and difficult to reach area.
• Safety Protection including inter lock, fault operation alarm and autoumatic emergency stop system .
• Boom movement buffering system.
• Boom and cage automatic anti-collision  system.
• Soft leg prevention.
• Automatic engine speed control when operation.
• One key outrigger stretching system.
• Smart combined movement of swivel and stretch.
• All-aluminum body and stainless steel tank.
• Light weight, and will never rust.
• Stainless steel pipelines
• Centralized control panel that makes operation and use extremely easy.
• Variety hose connectors.
• With normal foam extinguishing system.
• High flow rate.
• Remote control monitor.
Brief CodeDG54
Overall Measurement (L*W*H)(mm)12800*2500*3950
Chassis BrandBENZ
Wheel Base (mm)1700+4300+1350
Curb Mass (kg)36750
GVW (kg)40400
Outrigger Transversal Span (mm)6000
Water Tank Capacity (L)3500
Engine Power (kW)325
Power Density (kW/t)7.92
Max Vehicle Speed (km/h)90
Min Turning Diameter (m)24.4
Fire Pump ModelHALE RSD100 (US made)
Monitor ModelAKRON 3578 (US made)
Water Pump Flow (L/s)90
Monitor Flow Rate (L/s)60
Monitor Range (m)>70 (water)
>60 (foam)
Water Pumper Inlet Diameter (mm)2*150 (1 for each side)
Water Pumper Outlet Diameter (mm)4*80 (2 for each side)
Water Tank Inlet Diameter (mm)4*80 (2 for each side)
Monitor Swivel Angle (°)-45 to 45
Monitor Pitch Angle (°)-30 to 90
Driver's Cab (persons)2
Max Working Height (m)54
Max Working Range (m)20.5
Cage rated capacity (kg)400
The action time of the boom (s)<150
Outrigger Stretching Time (s)<40
Max allowed wind speed (m/s)12.5