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Fire Fighting ZM75
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• High illuminating tower reaches 16 meters.
• Strong illuminace.
• Strong 75kW power supply.
• Other tailored function
Brief CodeZM75
Overall Measurement (L*W*H)(mm)8595*2500*3780
Chassis BrandMAN
Driving form4*2
Wheel Base (mm)4425
Curb Mass (kg)13650
GVW (kg)13800
Engine Power (kW)206
Power Density (kW/t)13.4
Max Vehicle Speed (km/h)≥95
Min Turning Diameter (m)18
Driver's Cab (persons)2
Max Working Height (m)16
The action time of the boom (s)<450
Outrigger Stretching Time (s)≤40
Max allowed wind speed (m/s)12.5
GeneratorGenerator Power Supply: 75kW, 400V/230V, 135A, 50Hz,
Type: three phase four wire system
Speed: 1500r/min
Voltage range: ≤±10V
Generator fuel tank: 180L
Fuel type: Diesel
Main illuminationLamp: Shockproof super bright HPSL
Main lamp quantity: 12 pieces
Luminus flux: 12*120000 lm
Illuminance at 100m: ≥5 lx
Mobile illuminationAll round auto lifting illumination
Quantity of mobile illumination: 1 unit, 6 m
Mobile illumination power: 4*1000 W
Mobile luminus flux: 4*20000 lm
Mobile illuminance at 35m: ≥5 lx
Quantity of mobile illumination: 2 units, 2.8 m
Mobile illumination power: 2*500 W