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Truck Crane QY25V531.5
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Integrates Zoomlion more than 40 years experience in mobile cranes with adcanced technology.
• Weight optimaized and distortion-resistant design of low-alloy and high-strength steel providing the MAX.
• Lifting height with jib up to 46.5m.
• Higher operation/working speed.
• Profitable return on investment
Item Unit Value Remarks
Working performance Max. rated lifting capacity kg 25000  
Max. load moment of basic boom kN.m 950  
Max. load moment of main boom(fully extended) kN.m 525  
Max. lifting height of main boom m 38.7 These parameters do not include deflection of main boom and jib
Max. lifting height of jib m 46.58
Working speeds     Max. hoist rope speed(Main winch) m/min 135 At the 3rd  layer
Max. hoist rope speed(Auxiliary winch) m/min 100 At the 3rd   layer
Boom derricking up time s 40  
Boom derricking up time s 120  
Slewing  speed r/min 2.6  
Max. driving  speed km/h 72  
Max. gradeability % 34  
Min. turning diameter m ≤20  
Min.  ground clearance mm 235  
Limits for exhaust pollutants and smoke   Comply with related standards GB3847-2005  GB17691-2005  National stage III
Oil consumption per hundred kilometers L 38  
Mass Deadweight in driving condition kg 29400  
Complete vehicle kerb mass kg 29270  
Front axle load kg 6370  
Rear axle load kg 22900  
Dimensions Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 12510×2500×3455  
Outrigger spread(L) m 5.15  
Outrigger spread(W) m 6.1  
Main boom length m 10.3-38.5  
Boom angle ° -2-80  
jib length m 8  
Offset ° 0、30  
Chassis Model   ZLJ5323JQZ  
Type   II Code: ZLJ5323JQZV3
Engine Model kw/r/min WP6.240  
Rated power  n.m/r/min 176/2300  
Max. output torque   900/1400 - 1600  
Manufacturer   Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd.