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Road Sweeper ZLJ5063TSLE4
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• Cleaning device has function for automatic prevent and protection when meet faults and automatic reset, which can resolve problem for cleaning device easy to damage.
• Sweep trap speed can be adjust and choose for high,middle and low level in according with its relative devices.which can ensure get good sweep effect and cut down ope rating cost under all pollution situation.
• Independent hand pump emergency system, which can ensure perform work for draw in or out relative devices, lift garbage and easy for planting. 
• Pneumatic conveying system adopted and absorbed oversea leading sweeping car technology that include high efficiency special fans, floating sucker that can look flat with road surface condition, which have strong sucker and can keep even interval with road surface, which have good effect for following things, garbage, mud, small stone, etc.
    ZL5063TSL ZL5073TSL ZL5083TSLR
Emission Standard   euroⅣ              euroⅣ euroⅣ
 Engine power Kw 96/96/105 88 96
Gear box         5F+1R 5F+1R 5F+1R
 Cab   single row,flattop,Air Conditioner single row,flattop,Air Conditioner single row,flattop,Air Conditioner
Tyres    10.00-20 10.00-20 10.00-20
Aux.Engine Power Kw 57/57/62 57 57
 Max Running Speed km/h 105/99/95 98/100 99
 Max Sweeping Width m 3/3.05/3 3/3.1 3.05
 Operating Speed km/h 3-20 3-20 3-20
Max Sweeping Capacity m2/h 60000 60000/62000 60000
 Refuse container Capacity m3 5/5/5.5 5 5
Water Tank VOL. m3 1 1/2.2 1
Brush rotational Speed adjustment Mode 3-stage adjustment
MAX GVW kg 6435/6495/6495 6995/7300 7600