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Zoomlion Gulf FZE was founded in 2007, located in south district of Jebel Ali Free Zone by covering an area of 9000 square meters. It operates independently and specially serves for Zoomlion Middles East customers.

With the development of 8 years, the company plays a role of the largest overseas parts center and the first official training center at the same time by integrating multifunction of displaying, storage, distribution, training, conference and office together. Last year, it has achieved sales amount of 200 million US Dollars. Until now, there are 81 employees working here, including 5 foreign staffs.

As the largest overseas parts center, Dubai Parts Center is about 2000 square meters. It is managed according to the advanced 6S management system to keep everything safe, clean, well organized and maintained. As you can see from the right boards, it sets different operational areas for stock-in and stock-out, such as staging, shipping and receiving. It also places 5 storing areas to keep different parts of different product lines in different size and property.

In order to satisfy the requirement of customers at most and improve the hit ratio, we focused on the key models and sales records of each product line to confirm parts list and storage amount. The whole inventory right now is more than 2,300,000 US dollars, including earth moving parts of 860,000, mobile crane parts of 660,000, concrete parts of 460,000 and construction hoisting parts of 380,000. You may feel a little confused to see many empty locations. In fact, these are left for the inventory of next year, which will be 8,200,000 US dollars.

You can see the parts are stored neatly and in order. We strictly follow Zoomlion Storage Standard to manage all the parts throughout their entire storage period. Each of them should be posted with a bar-coded sticker and location number.

Besides that, we have specially prepared 2 warehouse keepers and necessary equipments so as to make sure the required parts could be delivered in the shortest time.