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As one of world leaders in construction machinery, the philosophy of Zoomlion is to build cutting-edge products, together with the best quality and close-to-customer service.

ZOOMLION CARE emerged to follow this philosophy and has become the world’s most advanced, comprehensive and systematic service and support program. It integrates four basic aspects of Service Support, Parts, Publications and Training, which allows our customers to enjoy an unprecedented care mode and experience a spirit of diligence unique to Chinese people. Come rain or shine, on work days or holidays, at home or abroad, our services are there when you need them. We believe you will be entirely satisfied with our working attitude and diligence.

Zoomlion’s slogan is “We Care, More Than You Care!”. It is not just a simple slogan, but an unshakable determination to exceed our customer’s expectations. Zoomlion has always upheld this belief and tries to implement it in everything that we do for customers. The service we offer to customers is to think about what they think about and worry about what they worry about.

Zoomlion promises that once you choose us, our company and the four-in-one ZOOMLION CARE are there ready to respond with the first arrival solution any time, anywhere.

Various service content, professional service teams, global service networks and systematic technical support are readily available from Zoomlion for an effective response and solution upon your request no matter where you are in the world and what time it is.

Zoomlion always attaches great importance to service at each and every stage to ensure the continuous, stable operation of our machines to achieve their maximum utilization and productivity. Combined with our slogan, standard service and value-added service are offered to cater to all your needs.

Standard Service
- Receiving Inspection, Pre-Delivery Inspection, Delivery Inspection, three Periodic Inspections, and an on-call service, are able to cover the entire life cycle of each machine.

Value-added Service
- Provide proper project construction plan if needed; 
- Appoint special long-term on-site service engineer for your project; 
- Workshop overhauling;
- "Service Miles and Smiles".

Zoomlion is committed to providing best-in-class technical support. Our technical representatives have professional knowledge of construction, so you can find the answers to your questions from local distributors, regional service centers, up to our Headquarters.

- Experienced service engineers of distributors respond to your on-site service request 24/7/365;
- Regional  service engineers in your local area are also there to provide further support;
- Service experts at Zoomlion headquarters serve with the most specialized solution in all matter related to you every need.

When you choose Zoomlion, you are choosing a large and high-quality service team capable of anticipating your needs. 

More than 2000 professionals from Zoomlion and its distributors stand ready to make sure your Zoomlion machines work to your expectation and beyond.

Training is another basic element of ZOOMLION CARE. In order to ensure customers fully understand Zoomlion products and impart relevant know-how to machine operators, Zoomlion offers a range of training support. Participating in Zoomlion training will help you learn how to better maintain machinery safely, effectively and efficiently, thereby improving equipment productivity, prolonging the life of the equipment and obtaining maximum return on your investment.

Our training courses can be held either at our headquarters, at one of our Regional Training Centers, at one of our distributors, or even at the job site. We also provide tailor-made training (different levels) using various teaching methods (theory, field, online and simulators) for optimum learning.

For more information about training, please contact your local Zoomlion distributor.