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Overseas ZOOMLION high-end products appearing in CIIE


On Nov. 5, the Second China International Import Expo (CIIE) was opened in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). More than 3,000 enterprises and about 500,000 professional purchasers from more than 150 countries and regions gather at the bank of Huangpu River and enjoy the expo. 6 products, such as ZOOMLION CIFA (Italy) wet spraying machine and m-tec (Germany) dry mixed mortar equipment, appear in the equipment exhibition area. These intelligent, flexible and frontier machines represent the highest level in the world in this field, and have been widely concerned.                                        1573526289949005571.jpg

▲ 6 ZOOMLION CIFA and m-tec high-end products appearing in CIIE

Various huge machines are exhibited in equipment manufacturing exhibition area in north plaza. An orange jet manipulator stands straight into the sky and is bright under the background of blue sky and white cloud. This product is the latest product of ZOOMLION CIFA, named CSS3-Z1 wet spraying machine. “33 years ago, CIFA successfully developed and manufactured the first concrete spraying manipulator in the world. Its products have always been synonymous with high quality, high reliability and high efficiency in the industry. CSS3-Z1 wet spraying machine is a high-quality product in recent years created by the in-depth integration of ZOOMLION and CIFA and combining with the actual working conditions of tunnel construction in China”, Zhou Xiyao, assistant to general manager of ZOOMLION CIFA (Hunan) Co., Ltd. said.

1573526371596015349.png▲ ZOOMLION CIFA and m-tec exhibition area

CSS3-Z1 wet spraying machine integrates many significant advantages. It’s said that this product is the only diesel-electric dual power operation equipment in the industry. The concrete can still be sprayed by diesel engine in case of outdoor power failure or tunnel power failure. Secondly, it has the world's first bionic boom system with 9 degrees of freedom and can easily capture the tunnel profile to realize the spraying without dead angle. Z-type folding boom can be stretched out even in a tunnel with height 3.2m and width 2.5m and realize the operation in narrow space. It has strong adaptability. The boom seat can slide. Therefore, the spraying area one time is larger. It shows its advantages better in construction of shoulder and revetment. Furthermore, CSS3-Z1 wet spraying machine is superior to the similar equipment in construction efficiency, spraying rebound rate and service life of the whole machine.


▲ CSS3-Z1 wet spraying machine in north square

Compared with wet spraying machine, ZOOMLION m-tec (Germany) dry mixed mortar equipment is small and compact. Although it is small, it is the combining result of wisdom and technology and it has “frontier” technology. Mr. Yang Jian, general manager of ZOOMLION m-tec (China), said that “m-tec machines exhibited are 5 dry mixed mortar machines leading the world. MR 3D mixer and ACS is the key product in this expo. The mixer drum and sealing structure precisely calculated and designed and the mixing cutters which meet various parameter requirements can rapidly realize 99.5% degree of uniformity of materials and hour productivity 15-200t. This product can meet the high quality mixing requirements for various powders, aggregates, trace additives, fibers and pigments and can realize the high-efficient and high-quality production of 3D mortar and complicated formula including super high performance concrete.”


▲ MR 3D mixer + ACS

The duo-mix connect is researched and manufactured for “3D printing mortar”. This product has analog and digital interfaces with various standards. A user can control the equipment externally. Duo-mix connect 3D printing mortar duo-mix pump has excellent strong “horizontal and vertical” continuous mixing technology. It is especially suitable for high efficient mixing and pumping of 3D printing mortar and has very wide adaptability to formulas and materials. Besides, this product is characterized by fully automatic control, small volume, convenient movement, easy cleaning, etc. It has been praised in 3D printing mortar projects in more than 10 countries.

屏幕快照 2019-11-06 08.35.37.png

▲ ZOOMLION m-tec dry mixed mortar equipment - duo-mix connect leading the industry

At the site, one set of table and stools made by 3D printing technology bring novelty to the visitors. Yang Jian introduced: “Raw materials of the table and stools are printing mortar produced by MR 3D mixer + ACS and are printed after connecting the duo-mix connect equipment.” Besides, the exhibited products include mono-mix, M330 mortar mixing pump and G140 pneumatic delivery pump. G140 pneumatic delivery pump is dominant among high-rise mortar conveying equipment due to its strong conveying capacity and relatively strong material adaptability. It is widely favored by customers with its advantages of fully automatic operation, high conveying height and free of pipe cleaning.


▲ Table and stools made of 3D printing mortar

It’s understood that CIFA and m-tec company are bellwethers in concrete machinery and dry mixed mortar equipment filed. Founded in 1928, CIFA is among the top three time-honored enterprises of concrete machinery in the world and produced the first vehicular concrete mixer, the first commercial (ready-mix) concrete mixing station and the first concrete pump truck in Italy and has the advantages of leading technology in the industry. Founded in 1978, over the innovative development in past 41 years, m-tec has become the first brand in dry mixed mortar equipment field in the world. At present, m-tec products include 30 products in 4 series. m-tec provides professional equipment, such as production equipment, mixers, bulk silos and construction machinery of building dry mixed mortar, and solutions for 110 countries in the world. Its technologies have obtained many international patents.

CIFA and m-tec joined ZOOMLION in 2008 and 2014 respectively and started a new integration development chapter since then. ZOOMLION continuously researches the key technologies in concrete machinery and dry mixed mortar equipment field, such as carbon fiber boom technology, active damping technology and lightweight research and application, through in-depth integration with enterprises acquired overseas and keeps its leading position in the industry. Besides, it has huge cooperative effect in supply chain and marketing.

Guo Xuehong, vice president of ZOOMLION, said at the exhibition site: “Just like the openness, innovation and vitality shown in CIIE, under the background of economic globalization and global cooperation, ZOOMLION will continue to integrate with CIFA and m-TEC to give play to the advantages of complementation of technologies, markets and resources, to develop synergistically and to bring more achievements for all parties. Besides, ZOOMLION will adhere to the R&D concept of innovation and sustainable development, and jointly create a better life and build a prosperous future with excellent and leading products.”