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bauma CHINA 2020丨ZOOMLION’s Order Book Excelled RMB9 billion on the First Day, Starting A New Chapter of Intelligence


On November 24, the bauma CHINA 2020 raised its curtain in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Zhan Chunxin, Chairman and CEO of ZOOMLION Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (“ZOOMLION”) led a team of senior executives to launch the exhibition themed “Intelligent manufacturing in the future”. On the very first day, ZOOMLION achieved excellent results from new products and big orders (over RMB9 billion on aggregate), getting off to a flying start.


Intelligent products with cutting-edge technologies

Entering the centre from Gate 3, what comes into view is ZOOMLION’s exhibition area with over 50 products of nine categories (engineering lifting machinery, construction lifting machinery, concrete machinery, piling machinery, earth-moving machinery, aerial work machinery, industrial vehicles, m-tec dry-mixed mortar construction equipment and mining machinery), all of which are orderly placed on the ground, spectacular and extraordinary.

“At bauma CHINA 2020, we will exhibit ZOOMLION’s latest 4.0 generation, featuring a qualitative leap of intelligence”, said Guo Xuehong, Vice President of ZOOMLION at the opening speech.

In front of the exhibition stand are the intelligent hoisting demonstration of electric autocrane and operating demonstration of truck-mounted concrete pump. On the right, customers can experience the “intelligent” 5G remote control technology of tower cranes, truck-mounted concrete pumps and excavators from different senses.

“The jib is like an engine from a sci-fi movie, filled with the sense of fashion, science and technology.” a viewer of intelligent hoists praised: “The most amazing part is that there is no manipulation cab.”

ZOOMLION has been leading the industry in the application of new energy technologies. Song Baoquan, Director of Smart Technology of ZOOMLION Construction Hoisting Machinery Branch , said: “This is the world’s first electric autocrane launched by ZOOMLION in this May.” Apart from the new energy technology, the machine vision, artificial intelligence and 5G communication are also integrated, giving it “eyes” to see and “brain” to think. It has various intelligent functions like one-key hoisting that make construction easier. The demonstration area became the “center of universe” that attracted numerous visitors at bauma CHINA 2020.

Meanwhile, the 5G Remote Control Experience Center was another hot spot.


ZOOMLION’s 5G Remote Control Experience Center

In 2019, ZOOMLION successfully developed the 5G remote control excavator featuring 5G high rate, large bandwidth and low delay. At bauma CHINA 2020, ZOOMLION also showed a new breakthrough in integrating 5G technology and construction machinery in excavators, tower cranes and truck-mounted concrete pumps with 5G remote control technology.

 The intelligent functions like hollow boom technology, carbon fiber concrete pipe and man-machine voice interaction, the tower crane ETI smart control system and various black technologies exhibited were widely acclaimed by visitors on site. “All of these are hard-core highlights and highly match the low-profile pragmatism of ZOOMLION and the abundant strength incubated from its research institute”, a customer from Jinzhou, Hubei commended.


“Black technologies” of ZOOMLION at bauma CHINA 2020

 “Bests of All” with industry-leading products

In terms of area, ZOOMLION occupied the largest outdoor area of the exhibition. As for exhibits, ZOOMLION made several products that were “Bests of All” in the exhibition and some of them became “Bests of All” in the world. 

ZCC18000 crawler crane boasted great hoisting capacity and the highest tonnage on site. Standing in front of it, an adult is even lower than the crawler belt. “‘Where there is wind, there is ZOOMLION.’ Thanks to our rich experience in research, development and design, we created this amphibious hoist for wind turbine lifting.” according to a staff of ZOOMLION on site.

During the release of new products, a straight-arm aerial work platform set a world record of 67.5-meter height, making it the world’s highest straight-arm aerial work platform. ZOOMLION has achieved huge improvements in various performances like off-road operation and intelligent control.


The world’s highest self-propelled level-jib aerial working platform ZT68J

ZT26J-800V straight-arm magnet crane is a valuable supplement to the market for its outstanding performance and rapid mode shift from aerial work platforms to magnet crane operations with higher efficiency and lower labor intensity. Meanwhile, m-tec’s Powerdos, an ultra-high precision automatic powder metering system, also debut at bauma CHINA 2020. 

According to an insider, tens of thousands of leading technological and innovative products were exhibited as the witness of the wonderful competitions and the fighting and innovation spirit of industry’s players. ZOOMLION’s products, including the largest and highest on site, manifested its strong power of research, development and innovation.


A huge order book from construction machinery market

With secure and complete measures, bauma CHINA 2020 was successfully held as scheduled with remarkable influences despite the pandemic that resulted in the cancellation and postponement of many fairs and events worldwide. With over 3,000 exhibitors from 93 countries and numerous visitors and guests gathering in Shanghai, the exhibition revealed enormous vigor and vitality.  

It is noteworthy that, due to the COVID-19, ZOOMLION continued its acclaimed online live streaming for the impacted customers. The 24-hour Chinese and English interpretations were available online during the exhibition so as to help global customers better understand ZOOMLION, which was highly spoken of.

With secure anti-pandemic measures, a lot of customers signed orders and deals with their long-lasting trust while enjoying ZOOMLION’s release of new products and advanced technologies. On the first day, the signing amount totaled RMB9 billion.

The exhibition operation manager of ZOOMLION said: “Today is the first day of bauma CHINA 2020. I believe that our order book will be thicker after the release of our new products with each passing day.”  

“Full of enthusiasm, we will show you our best exhibits and latest products with cutting-edge technologies at bauma CHINA 2020. Either in the industry’s heyday or in the special time of COVID-19, ZOOMLION has never changed its vision to share industry’s achievements and co-build the industry’s ecosphere. We are expecting to shape an intelligent and ultimate future in the principles of extensive consultation, joint contribution, and shared benefits!” Guo Xuehong said in his speech.