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Zoomlion AWP Fly Off in Europe and the US High-End Telescopic Boom Lift Accelerates Breakthroughs in Overseas Markets


No matter if you are visiting the exhibition center in Holwerd, the Netherlands, the dock in Genoa, Italy, or the factory in Toronto, Canada, you can’t miss the green Zoomlion AWPs. It has shown that Zoomlion's aerial work machinery is emerging rapidly among the high-end markets in Europe and America.


Zoomlion's Knuckle Boom Lift Operates In A Warehouse In The Netherlands


"We received a number of orders from Europe and North America recently" said Liu Jiancun, the Head of Overseas Sector of Zoomlion Aerial Work Machinery Company, "from both old and new customers."


We learned that in 2020, Zoomlion Aerial Work Machinery Company harnessed resources in venturing to overseas markets. In a little over a year, it has won recognition of many top leasing companies for AWPs, and signed contracts with many of them. In 2021, Zoomlion’s AWP business continues to expand at a fast rate, its telescopic boom lift, knuckle boom lift and other AWPs continue to gain recognition in high-end markets in Europe and America, and overseas orders are flooding in.


Zoomlion’s AWP Operates At A Dock In Italy


Technology is one key component of Zoomlion’s core competitiveness. Relying on self-invented technology in the field of equipment manufacturing, Zoomlion’s AWPs are equipped with a number of advanced, self-invented core technologies, including stable control of telescopic boom, rapid automatic leveling of work platforms, high-precision control of boom positions, multi-load anti-flipping technology, and fatigue reliability design, etc., some technologies even surpass similar products in Europe and America.


Green and eco-friendly is another feature favored by Zoomlion clients. Zhang Guanying, Zoomlion Aerial Work Machinery’s Manager in Europe, said: “As emissions rules tighten up in the European market, demand for electronic and hybrid telescopic boom lifts is growing. Zoomlion’s electronic telescopic boom lift has a long battery life, short charging time, and runs without noise. Customers love our products and our products are in high demand.” We also learned that Zoomlion is researching and developing more new-energy AWPs, and it is expected to bring another round of growth in the overseas market once the new product is launched.


Zoomlion's Boom Lifts Operate at Residential Areas In Europe


In addition, Zoomlion's telescopic boom lift is safe and reliable. Long Yeguo, Manager of the Telescopic Boom Division of the AWP R&D Center, said "Zoomlion’s innovative boom design reduces the weight of the machine, together with the optimal structural layout, sensor technology, and self-developed control system, we can ensure the stability and safety of the equipment in all directions and from multiple angles."


Zoomlion's Telescopic Boom Lift Operates In A Factory In Canada


It is said that the telescopic boom lift is capable of all types of tasks, but it has the highest standards among all AWPs and is known for its technology intensive nature. Zoomlion launched a group of telescopic boom lifts last year, among them, ZT68J, is able to work 67.5 meters above the ground, became the highest self-propelled telescopic boom lift in the world, and has attracted wide attention from the industry.


"I foresee a continuous growth of our market share in Europe and America as more and more customers learn about our unique technologies and reliable product performance." said Liu Jiancun.