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Top Five on The Yellow Table! ZOOMLION Soar with A Strong Momentum


Zoomlion was named a top 5 construction equipment manufacturer worldwide in the 2021 Yellow Table released on May 11th by the British Publisher KHL, with a total sale amount of 9.449 billion U.S. dollars. The most improved manufacturer from last year, Zoomlion jumped ahead 5 places higher than last year. It is recognition of Zoomlion’s focus on high-quality development, and the potential to achieve more. 


 △Zoomlion Ranks Among The Top Five In The 2021 Yellow Table 

  The Yellow Table indicates a decrease of 5.5% in total sales of all manufactures in 2020, dropping to 191.5 billion U.S. dollars, which was better than the forecast. Unlike other major markets that experienced decline, construction machinery sales in China have increased by approximately 14%. Over 1/3 of the global sales in 2020 came from the Chinese market. Analysts pointed out that all manufacturers that moved up in the ranking list are from China, showing the vigorous development of Chinese equipment manufacturers. 

Among all fast-rising enterprises, Zoomlion is the most impressive—it moved up by 5 places this year, the fastest of all. According to Zoomlion’s annual report for 2020, its focus on high-quality development has paid off, with revenue increasing by 50.34%, achieving 65.109 billion yuan.   

 Expert say Zoomlion’s advantages in smart manufacturing will only bring even more momentum, competitiveness and revenue in the future. As the global economy continues to recover, more investment floods in, most of which goes to the leading enterprises, as well as the increasing demand for construction to meet the new environmental standards, Zoomlion will benefit from the strong market demand and usher in another wave of strong development.