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ZOOMLION Debuted 12 Types of Products at the APEX ASIA 2019 and Started Its First Show at a Professional Exhibition


On October 23, the 2nd APEX ASIA 2019 grandly opened at Shanghai New International Expo Center. ZOOMLION Heavy has brought about 3 categories of 12 types of aerial work platforms that integrate front-end technologies and high-end intelligent manufacturing and launched two new products, ZA20JE crank-arm aerial work platform and ZT34J straight-arm aerial work platform. The shining aurora green became a beautiful landscape at the exhibition site. ZOOMLION Heavy started its first show at a professional exhibition for aerial work platforms with flexible and intelligent products.


▲ ZOOMLION Heavy debuts 12 types of products at the 2nd APEX ASIA 2019.

At 10:00 a.m., ZOOMLION Heavy’s exhibition area at the indoor exhibition hall N1-C1 was bustling as visitors came in flocks. In the applause of customers, industry experts and visitors at home and abroad, KHL President James King, IPAF General Manager for Asia Raymond Wat, ZOOMLION Heavy Vice President Guo Xuehong, and Zoomlion Aerial Work Machinery Company General Manager Ren Huili jointly raised the curtain for ZOOMLION Heavy at this exhibition.


▲ ZOOMLION Heavy officially starts its show at this exhibition.

Guo Xuehong delivered a speech thanking all the friends for their support and attention to ZOOMLION Heavy. He said that ZOOMLION Heavy has built the industry's first intelligent assembly line covering the whole production process of scissor aerial work platforms and entered the field of aerial work machinery from a high starting point. Adhering to the "reliable, simple and efficient" research and development concept,  ZOOMLION Aerial Work Machinery Company has exercised its inventive mind and manufactured more than 30 products covering scissor, straight-arm and curved-arm aerial work machinery after two years of high-quality development. With the support of the 4.0 technology, ZOOMLION Aerial Work Machinery Company has reached the leading position in the industry in terms of technical strength and manufacturing. ZOOMLION Heavy will continue to innovate and strengthen its technological advantages to provide quality products and services for its customers.

In this exhibition, ZOOMLION Heavy exhibited 6 types of scissor aerial work platforms, including two lithium battery series, ZS1414HD-Li and ZS0607HD-Li, and 4 electric drive series, ZS1212DC, ZS0808DC, ZS0607DC and ZS0407DC; 3 types of straight-arm aerial work platforms, ZT34J, ZT26J and ZT20J; 3 types of crank-arm aerial work platforms, ZA20JE (CE) (electric drive), ZA14JE (electric drive) and ZA14J. The products all have the technical characteristics of “reliable, safe, simple and efficient” and presented the latest research and development achievements and manufacturing strength of ZOOMLION Aerial Work Machinery Company in a three-dimensional way.


▲Zoomlion Heavy Vice President Guo Xuehong delivers a speech.

Innovation has always been the main theme of Zoomlion Heavy in building products. At this exhibition, Zoomlion Aerial Work Machinery Company released two new products - ZA20JE crank-arm aerial work platform and ZT34J straight-arm aerial work platform.

It is understood that ZA20JE electric-driven crank-arm aerial work platform has the characteristics of wide operating range, strong carrying capacity, high efficiency, strong endurance, being stable and reliable, energy-saving and high-efficiency, and environmental protection. ZOOMLION Aerial Work Machinery Company Product Manager Duan Jianhui introduced “ZA20JE has a higher working height and stronger carrying capacity than other same-level products.” The work platform can be quickly lifted and lowered to the ground without manipulating the folding arm platform, which greatly improves the work efficiency. It is equipped with an energy management system that can increase the battery life while extending the endurance capacity. It is equipped with a precise and efficient AC drive system for walking and an AC drive system for boarding action, which makes the product powerful and stable. The motors of complete vehicles are maintenance-free, which saves costs for customers. The advanced dual control system makes customers control it in a more energy efficient, smooth and efficient way. In addition, ZA20JE is powerful, low-noise and zero-emission and can be operated in both rugged outdoor areas and indoor conditions requiring low noise and no pollution. ”


▲Professional visitors are observing ZOOMLION’s new product, ZA20JE electric-driven crank-arm aerial work platform.

Another new product, ZT34J straight-arm aerial work platform, has been praised by customers for its efficient operation, safety and comfort, and strong ground adaptability. The product is equipped with the industry's leading four-section synchronous telescopic technology, the jib telescoping time is reduced by 15%, the working area is 10% higher than other branded products, and the platform double load capacity is up to 300kg/454kg. Meanwhile, ZT34J is equipped with intelligent jib control and adopts double protection design against platform falling. The product is easy to operate, safe and comfortable. The product also has three steering modes, allowing it to be flexibly and efficiently turned in a narrow space and enhancing the site adaptability.

In addition, the scissor aerial work platform with low center of gravity, stable operation, large platform load, and adaptability to severe working conditions has also received extensive attention at the exhibition. The lithium battery and DC series are favored by overseas customers.


▲ ZOOMLION Heavy’s exhibition area is bustling as visitors come in a continuous stream.

ZOOMLION Aerial Work Machinery Company’s research and development innovation strength and development speed have been highly recognized by the industry. In 2017, ZOOMLION Heavy marched into the field of aerial work machinery. After two years of innovation and development, it won the “Top 5 Aerial Work Equipment Manufacturers in China” in 2019 and its ZA14J crank-arm product won the “2019 Annual Aerial Work Product Award”.


▲Zoomlion Heavy’s exhibition area at the 2nd APEX ASIA 2019

Industry experts said that 2019 is the first year of the era of China's construction machinery aerial work platforms. After five years of rapid development, by 2019, more than 100,000 domestic aerial work platforms are expected to be sold. A number of factors, such as the huge population base, production security, high efficiency and low costs, are stimulating the rapid development of China's aerial work platform industry.

ZOOMLION Heavy said that the company will always adhere to the concept "technology is the root and the product is the basis", create greater value for its customers with superior products and ultimate services, and work together for a win-win situation.