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Bauma 2022丨Intelligently Capturing the High-end market, Zoomlion Gathered High Popularity on the First Day of Bauma 2022


On the 24th, Bauma2022, the world-renowned construction machinery industry event, arrived as scheduled. Construction machinery companies from all over the world gathered therein. Zoomlion, a leading global high-end equipment manufacturer, presented a feast of high-end, intelligent and green heavy equipment for global customers with 54 products in 7 categories. On the first day of the event, the global new AWP product launch and live music performance held by Zoomlion gathered high popularity and received a large number of orders from customers in the Netherlands, Romania, Poland, Iraq, Switzerland, Germany and other places.



Zoomlion gathers high popularity on the first day of Bauma 2022

At the global new product launch of AWP, Zoomlion launched more than 10 new energy craftsmanship products covering three product categories: scissor, articulating-boom and telescopic-boom. These green and intelligent AWP products show the technical level and manufacturing strength of Zoomlion in the field of new energy to the world. The ZT58J, the highest articulating-arm AWP in Europe, which was launched at the new product launch, obtained sales orders on the spot and triggered hot consultation.

ZA16JERT-Li and ZA20JERT-Li, the self-propelled li-ion battery off-road articulating-boom AWPs, are the two new electrified products released at the product launch, and also the off-road electric models built by Zoomlion with the integration of new technologies such as intelligence and electrification. They have high working height, wide working range, excellent adaptability to working space, and are flexible and efficient. At the same time, the products are driven by AC motors, with low noise, zero emission, high working efficiency and strong adaptability to working conditions.


The scene of Zoomlion's global new product launch of AWP

At the product launch, Zoomlion also displayed an intelligent remote monitoring and rental management platform tailored for the exhibited AWP products, which aroused strong interest from the audience. According to the introduction, the platform can quickly complete equipment positioning and monitoring, fault diagnosis, unlocking machine and other operations to achieve remote and instant monitoring of equipment conditions and information, thus helping customers to effectively improve equipment management and use efficiency and creating greater value for customers.

In addition to the global new product launch of AWP, the exhibits display area was also highly popular. The exhibition area of Zoomlion, which is full of modern, technological and industrial sense, was crowded with visitors from all over the world, who either paced and watched, stopped to consult, experienced on the machine or took pictures, nodded their heads frequently and admired.



Customers are learning more about the products from Zoomlion staff

In this exhibition, more than 50% of the various high-end products brought by Zoomlion are made locally in Europe. These products have been designed locally for the characteristics of European market in terms of product performance, technical innovation and appearance, and show unique innovative charm in terms of new material application, green energy saving and intelligence.


Customers praised Zoomlion's exhibits after learning more about them

The all-electric mixer and several series of new pump trucks from Zoomlion's Italian subsidiary CIFA are the benchmark of green products in the industry. The all-terrain crane and off-road tire crane jointly launched by CIFA and the Chinese team also debuted at Bauma and met with customers worldwide. Zoomlion's German subsidiary m-tec brought 12 products to provide professional equipment and solutions in the field of dry-mix mortar for global customers. In addition, flat-head tower cranes adopting Wilbert technology, crawler cranes from Changsha base, hot excavators crafted for the European market, and other brand-new new energy products or intelligent products of Zoomlion also appeared in this exhibition. These cutting-edge products fully demonstrate Zoomlion's international, intelligent, green and high-end technological strength and innovative achievements, highlighting the company's strength and competitiveness as an industry leader.

It is understood that, next, Zoomlion will also hold a number of new product launches and signing ceremonies for concrete machinery, construction cranes, tower cranes, earthmoving machinery and industrial vehicles, with rich live performances and interactive games and other activities. Welcome to stay tuned!