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Technology Fuels Era | Zoomlion Never Stops Writing Tower Crane Legends



As the absolute leader of the global tower crane industry, Zoomlion has always been locked in the spotlight. Not surprisingly, Zoomlion topped the list of the top 10 global tower crane manufacturers in 2022 for the third consecutive year, once again widening the distance from its pursuers.


Zoomlion tops the list of top 10 global tower crane manufacturers

The scenery on both sides of the Yangtze River is no better than this.

Since entering the field of tower cranes in 1956, Zoomlion has been making great strides. From sales of 3 billion yuan in 2010 to a business scale of over 17 billion yuan in 2021, Zoomlion holds the scepter of the leader. From the launch of China's first tower crane with independent intellectual property rights, to the launch of China's first hydraulic self-lifting tower crane in 1973, to the launch of China's first full frequency inverter infinitely variable speed control tower crane with the world's advanced level in 1996, and then to stepping onto the top of the global industry in terms of technology and products after 2000, no matter in the period of great opportunity for development or in the trough, Zoomlion has never changed its pace and rhythm of moving forward. In the end, Zoomlion has built a perfect product line of tower cranes and the world's most advanced R&D and design platform, releasing the temperament and strength of the Chinese technically oriented construction machinery manufacturer.

In a sense, Zoomlion, which has always maintained its passion and upward mobility over the past 65 years, has defeated the time and industry cycles and created the "Chinese Century" in the global tower crane field.


In 1973, China's first hydraulic self-lifting tower crane came on the market.

The Land of No One

Within the last two or three decades, the competition in China and the global tower field, and the forces that have thrived on all sides, have far exceeded imagination. Being in the midst of it, Zoomlion acts quickly and calmly, taking the lead in products, technology, manufacturing system and strategic planning.

Zoomlion's technology gene has been kept active, and product innovation has become the norm within the company.

Since developing China's first tower crane independently in 1956, Zoomlion has been raising the ceiling of products and technologies in the industry. Since 2000, Zoomlion's tower crane business has been soaring.

The world's longest jib tower crane, the world's largest tonnage flat head tower crane, the world's largest tonnage internal climbing movable jib tower crane, the world's largest wind electric jib tower crane, the world's strongest wind resistant tower crane, the world's first 10,000 tons of meters tower crane are launched one after another, all of which have shaken the world.

Of all the kung fu in the world, we just can't find a way to restrain "quickness”. Zoomlion has always been keen to embrace trends. It is one of the first companies in the world to launch the "Product 4.0 Strategy", and also the first company in China to comprehensively lay out the three frontiers of autonomous driving, intelligent interaction and intelligent connectivity.

Zoomlion tower cranes have opened the tide of "digital unmanned era" in the global industry. Its masterpiece, the R series, sets the world benchmark for tower crane technology and defines the world's first risk-free equipment with full domain safety.

The superior strength also comes from Zoomlion's manufacturing system. The world's largest green and intelligent factory for tower cranes started operating at full speed back in 2019.The "China Speed" of one tower crane every 18 minutes proves the strength of Chinese manufacturers leading the world.

To this day, Zoomlion has customers all over the world. As the number one company in the world, its sales are equivalent to the combined sales of the second to eighth place companies.


The world's largest tonnage internal climbing jib tower crane developed by Zoomlion


A view of the dark production line of Zoomlion's world's largest tower crane intelligent factory

Compatible and inclusive

Reaching the largest scale is by no means the end of Zoomlion's tower crane. “You have to think about what the product will look like in 10 yearsWhat are the users? What are the drivers of business growth?”

"Not to be arrogant, so that we can be great” - The self-torture of future development has made Zoomlion Tower Cranes set its eyes on a farther distance, thus opening a journey of deep connection with the world, being rooted in the world and leading the world.

The underlying logic is simple and clear - when you have cutting-edge technology, you can lead the world: Zoomlion has landed in the vertical links with the highest barriers, laid out globally, and integrated world-class industrial technology resources into China and into itself. The acquisition and integration of JOST and Wilbert came to fruition.

The snow will melt immediately after a little snow is put into the large fireplace. The integration, stimulation and release between China and foreign countries is faster than expected. In 2 years, the new W series tower crane products galloped across the world and harvested 8 billion RMB orders on the day of launch.

The flywheel continues to spin. With the joint efforts of more than 100 technical experts, the world's first 10,000-ton meter tower crane was successfully developed, thus filling the gap of strategic-level equipment for transportation in China.

If a person is ambitious, he will be able to reach the place to which he aspires, no matter how far it is. Zoomlion never stops writing tower crane legends.


Zoomlion's world's first 10,000-ton meter tower crane stands proudly in Yangtze River