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Technology Fuels Era| Rising at a High Level with Great Advantages, Zoomlion Intelligent Aerial Work Equipment Climbs Over the Clouds Extremely Fast



Almost the same as all construction machinery segment, in the field of aerial work machinery, China has become the world's fastest growing and most promising market. The driving force behind its continuous upgrade comes from the "latecomers" in the aerial work equipment industry - Chinese aerial work equipment manufacturers.

Zoomlion is the leader among them.

In 2018, Zoomlion, which comes with brand glory and deep industrial technology accumulation, has rapidly advanced to the first echelon of China's aerial work platform industry as soon as it entered the aerial work equipment field. So far in just over three years, the rapidly changing products, the continuously releasing vitality of technology research and development as well as the continuously extending business lines have made Zoomlion's influence significantly higher. In 2021, Zoomlion's aerial work machinery sales reached 3.351 billion yuan, a significant increase of 310.76% year-on-year.

It rushes out of the clouds and hovers dramatically upwards. From initially entering the field of aerial equipment to becoming the head of the industry, Zoomlion has continued to advance with firm and strong steps, completing the perfect evolution from "beginner" to "experiencer" and then "expert" in just a few years.

Nowadays, the competition in the aerial work equipment industry has further escalated. As the youngest business unit of Zoomlion, Zoomlion Intelligent Aerial Work Equipment with great ambition has already upheld the leading position and stepped on the highest ladder to the peak.


Zoomlion entered the aerial work equipment field in 2018, which is a latecomer globally. But it is this Chinese company that has staged a breakneck overtaking in the world market.

Since its establishment, the sales growth rate of Zoomlion intelligent aerial work equipment has been in the leading position. In the past few years, it has set several growth "records". In the first half of 2020, sales increased by more than 100% year-over-year; in the first half of 2021, there was a significant increase of 397.95% year-over-year; and for the whole year of 2021, the year-over-year growth continued to be significant, reaching 310.76%.

The continued high growth in sales can be attributed to its lofty goals in the field of technology and the persistence in putting them into action. "Innovation" and "technology", as ballast, allow Zoomlion intelligent aerial work equipment to accelerate growth after 2020.

In recent years, globally, the call to "lower the operating threshold, improve operational efficiency and enhance the level of environmental protection" has become stronger, which has spurred the development of new technologies such as intelligent and electric aerial work equipment.

In accordance with the heart of heaven, we receive heavenly help. Zoomlion intelligent aerial work equipment is backed by Zoomlion Group, which is incubated from national research institutes and has multi-level innovation platforms. It has been working hard on intelligent manufacturing, intelligent products, green products and related industrial chains, and once again acts as a “speed racer".

In less than a year, through the deep integration of sensing, interconnection and other key technologies, it has created a "product brain" that can think, allowing the equipment to complete self-diagnosis and adjustment. At the same time, the upgrading and expansion of its manufacturing system is progressing rapidly and in an orderly manner. Through four years of layout, Zoomlion has the first intelligent aerial work equipment industrial park, the first intelligent factory of aerial work platform, and the first intelligent production line of shear fork in China.


The first intelligent production line of shear fork aerial work platform in China built by Zoomlion

Zoomlion's strength in technological research and development ahead of its rivals has supported the rapid development of its intelligent aerial work equipment. After entering the industry in 2018, Zoomlion intelligent aerial work equipment has stepped into the first echelon in the domestic aerial work platform field. In 2019, it is ranked among the "Top 22 Global Aerial Work Platform Manufacturers". In 2020, it enters the global top 14. In 2021, it is ranked as the 9th best in the world. The above dramatic growth has already written the prelude for the breakthrough in 2022.


The continuous breakthroughs in technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing have helped Zoomlion intelligent aerial work equipment to move successfully to the high-end.

The classics come out frequently. The world's tallest self-propelled straight-boom aerial work platform ZT68J has broken the long-term monopoly of overseas leading companies in the market of ultra-high-meter aerial work platform. The world's first 40-meter electric straight-boom aerial work platform, ZT40JE-V, is the "record holder" of the highest electric straight-boom aerial work platform in the world. ZX27AE, the electric spider type aerial work platform, adopts the industry's only electric drive travel system.


Zoomlion ZT68J, the world's tallest self-propelled straight-boom aerial work platform

It is as if a meteor catching the moon. Zoomlion is more and more favored by the market, and its products integrating high technology, high performance and high market matching have come on the market one after another, which shows more and more inestimable potential and explosive power in the aerial work machinery segment.

Up to now, Zoomlion has more than 80 models of intelligent aerial work equipment, such as shear fork, curved boom, straight boom, spider platform and aerial work platform, achieving full coverage of 4-68 meters and the highest working height in the global industry. Meanwhile, with Zoomlion being the first in the industry to release and mass produce lithium-ion aerial work platforms, its electric drive products also have the most complete series in the industry, with sales of new energy products accounting for about 60%.


Zoomlion intelligent aerial work equipment products

In addition, Zoomlion's business line of intelligent aerial work equipment is also extending rapidly. While being a top player in China, Zoomlion has also introduced its business to more than 70 countries and regions worldwide. In particular, it has been one step ahead of others by introducing its full range of products into the most developed European market for aerial work equipment.

Throughout the global aerial work equipment industry, the transformation and upgrading continues. In the context of new technologies, new standards and new demands, as well as the integration of big data and industrial Internet with the industry, it has long been the eternal goal of Zoomlion intelligent aerial work equipment to continuously empower the industry and customers, which also drives it to move forward.