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Technology Fuels Era | Technology as Shield, Zoomlion Emergency Equipment Serving as Life Guardian


After nearly 20 years' development, from localization-substitution to independent innovation, Zoomlion Emergency Equipment has cast a life shield with science and technology, established a product lineup in fire fighting and rescue, robotic rescue, emergency rescue equipment, equipment individual rescue, engineering rescue and lifting rescue, engineering digging and excavation rescue, special rescue for aerial work, etc., and become a leader in the emergency equipment industry. Its series products are widely used in various emergency rescue practices and drills as the main equipment, and serve as “daring vanguards” for emergency rescue missions such as fire fighting, natural disasters (earthquakes, floods) rescue, etc.


Continuous breakthrough, refreshing records of emergency equipment

China's fire-fighting and rescue equipment industry started late. At the beginning of the century, the products were still mainly fire-fighting water tank and foam fire fighting vehicles, with simple functions and low technical content. Most of the fire fighting vehicles for high-rise building rescue depended on imports. In this context, Zoomlion started the R&D of fire-fighting equipment.

      Fire fighting vehicles, as special vehicles, have strict requirements on safety and reliability, and it is difficult and stressful to tackle technical problems. The R&D personnel of Zoomlion Emergency Equipment made constant breakthroughs by overcoming difficulties, dedicated research, and repeated tests. In March 2008, Zoomlion’s first aerial ladder fire fighting vehicle was successfully delivered. Next, Zoomlion successively developed AP42 Class A foam fire fighting vehicle and 16-meter-high jet platform fire fighting vehicle, and started the research and industrialization of key technologies for 100-meter-high fire fighting vehicles.


Delivery of Zoomlion's first emergency equipment

“Technology is the root, and product is the foundation”. By making continuous technological breakthroughs and moving towards higher levels, Zoomlion Emergency Equipment has successfully overcome a number of core technologies such as the analysis and optimization technologies of large structural parts, the forming and testing technologies of ultra-high-strength materials, the vibration control technologies of super-long flexible booms, stable operation control of whole vehicles and optimal action planning. A large number of world-class products have been rolled off the assembly line in Zoomlion.

In September, 2011, the 53-meter aerial ladder fire fighting vehicle set a new record for the tallest aerial ladder fire fighting vehicle in China; In April 2013, the 113-meter platform fire fighting vehicle successfully rolled off the assembly line, setting a new record for the world's largest lift-up fire fighting vehicles; In April 2015, the 60-meter aerial ladder fire fighting vehicle set a new record for the tallest aerial ladder fire fighting vehicle in Asia; In September, 2021, the 80-meter straight-boom water tower fire fighting vehicle rolled off the assembly line, becoming the world's tallest straight-boom water tower fire fighting vehicle. In addition, there are a series of pioneering products such as the 34-meter articulating-boom aerial ladder fire fighting vehicle and the nitrogen dry powder fire fighting vehicle. The successful development of these world-class products has comprehensively promoted the industrialized development of China's aerial fire fighting equipment, promoted the serial development, and broken a path for gradual replacement of imported products.


Zoomlion 34m articulating-boom aerial ladder fire fighting vehicle


Zoomlion 80-meter straight-boom water tower fire fighting vehicle

Independent innovation, being a rescue expert in multi-field exploration

While exploring the virgin land of world records and innovative products, Zoomlion Emergency Equipment actively responds to the construction of the national emergency rescue system of “all disasters and extensive emergency respond”, and are accelerating the layout of the emergency respond industry with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and big data, and expanded its business from the research and development of fire fighting vehicles to multiple fields, including water rescue, forest fire rescue, dangerous chemical rescue and dedicated service support. It has developed intelligent remote control pioneering robots, 18-meter self-propelled jet robots, water rescue vehicles, unmanned remote control pioneering vehicles for forest isolation belts, rescue support modules, drainage and rescue vehicles and other high-end new practical products, meeting various emergency rescue demands in various practical applications.


Two fire fighting robots developed by Zoomlion

Taking technology as a shield, the company is building the pillars of the great power to protect people's livelihood. Zoomlion Emergency Equipment is among the first batch of key contact enterprises of the national emergency industry named by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and its project “Key Equipment for Monitoring and Early Warning of Secondary Disasters at Rescue Sites” was successfully selected as a national key R&D project of emergency rescue in 2021; Four key engineering projects in Hunan Province, such as the pioneering vehicle for forest isolation belts, the high-performance multifunctional forest fire fighting vehicle, the high-end equipment for weeding and removing trees in flood control dams, and the multifunctional accessories for excavators for flood control and emergency rescue, also passed the acceptance this year. With its solid strength, Zoomlion has reached strategic cooperation with the Forest Fire Department of the Ministry of Emergency Management, the fire rescue corps and forest fire brigades of many provinces, and the fire companies of many prefectures and cities in the emergency field.


New high-end emergency equipment developed by Zoomlion

From the creation of the 30-meter aerial ladder fire fighting vehicle to the stunning debut of a large number of masterpieces; From simple fire-fighting products to a series of comprehensive emergency rescue equipment, Zoomlion Emergency Equipment has cast a shield of life with scientific and technological innovation, made constant breakthroughs in new technologies and become the vane of product innovation and technological progress in the industry by opening up new tracks and exploring new fields. Presently, Zoomlion Emergency Equipment is taking Zoomlion's 30th anniversary as a new starting point to accelerate its steady progress towards being an international leader.