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Did China not Participate in the World Cup? Zoomlion Tower Cranes Participated In Building Main Stadium of the Qatar World Cup


“Actually, I am not a fan of football”, Ren Jie, Manager of Zoomlion (the Middle East and Africa) said with a smile, “But the Qatar World Cup has made me feel cordial and proud.”

On November 21, 2022 Qatar World Cup kicked off, opening the quadrennial global football competition. Lusail Stadium, where many important activities and events, such as opening ceremony, opener, finals, closing ceremony, etc. were held, will be recognized and remembered with “different figures”.

For Qatar, Lusail Stadium, called “No. 0 Project”, was printed on the new 10 Qatari Riyal banknote issued in December 2020. Internationally, Lusail Stadium, known as “6” (the largest in 6 aspects: the largest span, the largest scale, etc.), is an individual building with double-layer cable net roof. However, for Ren Jie, Lusail Stadium impressed him most with “8”, that is, “8 Zoomlion tower cranes participated in building Lusail Stadium”, which was why he felt cordial and proud of this World Cup.


Zoomlion tower cranes participate in building Lusail Stadium (Image Source: CRCC International)

Wining bidding with perfect R&D and design strengths

Ren Jie said: “The participation of Zoomlion tower cranes in the construction of this project was not invited by the Chinese builder, but because Zoomlion won the bid from the global tender. ”

As the main stadium of the World Cup with the highest design standard in the world, Lusail Stadium has strict standards in design, construction, construction equipment and other aspects; moreover, the entry projects also face fierce competition.

According to information, Qatar construction machinery market adopts the western standards. In recent years, the influence of Chinese equipment has continued to rise, but the European and American brands that have taken the initiative still dominate in large-scale equipment or key projects. Moreover, Qatar, being a better-off country, has invested USD 229 billion in the World Cup. The “cost performance” advantage of China’s construction machinery equipment is also difficult to play. In such a market environment, the competition can only rely on technology, R&D, performance and other hardcore strengths.

“Our research institute is quite awesome, providing the best construction solution”, Ren Jie is still excited when recalling the moment winning the bid. In addition to performance and quality of the tower cranes, Zoomlion defeated European, American, Chinese and other major manufacturers; especially, its significant advantage is its independent height.

It is reported that, due to the height of the main building of Lusail Stadium, the irregular external end surface of the stadium cannot provide adhesion, which puts forward a high requirement for the independent height (at least 86.7 meters) of the tower crane.

“In the bidding scheme, some could not meet the requirement for the independent height; and some could meet the requirement for the independent height which only could be achieved by increasing the tower body and standard section, so that the cost has got increased significantly. Only can we provide the owner with the best construction solution. ”


At the beginning of 2018, Zoomlion’s TC8039-25 tower cranes entered the project and started construction.

4-year efficient “sand field” construction proves its ultimate performance

Winning the bid is just a ticket to the construction of Lusail Stadium of the Qatar World Cup; the more important thing is how to “perform well” in the schedule. During the 4-year construction from the beginning of 2018 when Zoomlion tower cranes entered the project to December 2021 when we withdrew after Lusail Stadium was completed, after undergoing heavy hoisting, high temperature, sand dust-storm and other harsh construction conditions, Zoomlion tower cranes have done a good job.

The main body of Lusail Stadium is a combination of steel beam (with 100,000-ton steel) and concrete structure, and its 45,000 m2 layered membrane structure is the world’s largest membrane structure. Ren Jie said: “8 Zoomlion TC8039-25 tower cranes are evenly distributed around the building, covering the entire project in all directions and undertaking the hoisting of most materials in the entire project. ”

Due to the design of Lusail Stadium, the construction is also a big challenge. It is reported that many structures need to be connected and assembled at a high altitude during construction. The installation of steel structures at a height of 70 meters is like a “dance on the blade”. Zoomlion tower crane has excellent hoisting performance and stable inching. The inching mode can be controlled to the millimeter level, providing effective support for the installation of high-altitude steel structures.

The bad construction conditions in Qatar, such as everlasting high temperature (more than 50°), sandstorm weather, summer thunderstorm, etc., require a high stability of equipment. Ren Jie said: “Zoomlion tower crane adopts first-class design and manufacturing process, and has carried out rigorous stability tests. The electrical components are reliable, and the design and manufacturing standards of the machine have reached the European CE standard. In this project, the accumulated effective working hours of a single tower crane exceed 15,000 hours, and the stable and reliable performance provides strong support for the overall progress of the project.” ”


Night view of Lusail Stadium (Image Source: CRCC International)

In a few days, the opening ceremony of the 2022 Qatar World Cup is to be held at Lusail Stadium. When it comes to the landmark full of Chinese elements, Ren Jie feels proud of it: “Ten years ago, China’s construction machinery was still in its infancy in the Middle East, but now, Chinese brands have been widely seen. Zoomlion’s hoisting equipment takes a leading position in the market share in the Middle East. To participate in the construction of such a famous building marks that, Zoomlion’s, even China’s technology and equipment win the ‘qualification’. ”