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Mixer Trucks 10m³

• Double Logarithmic Variable Pitch Helical Mixer Blade: which enables higher charing and discharging speed and even mixing, eliminates segregation of concrete and is suitable for the transportation of both dry and wet materials.
• New T-shape Blade technology. It is made of hard-wearing alloy steel, and thus protects the mixer blades from abrasion, extends the service life of the agitator drum, and enhances mixing performance.
• The geometric capacity of the agitator drum is very large and the filling rate is low, thus guaranteeing more mixing space. The small inclined angle and low center of gravity help reducing the possibility of turning-over of the truck.
• Closed loop hydraulic system and constant hydraulic oil temperature controller. Key hydraulic accessories including: Hydraulic plunger pump, adjuster mechanism with servo, hydraulic motor, and planetary reducer, all of which are manufactured in world-known brands with stable and reliable performances.
• Pneumatic Water Supply System: The pressure is provided by the air tank on the chassis with pressure protection devices. The pressure is provided by the air tank on the chassis with pressure protection devices. The water inlet connector fits for both normal water pipe and fire fitting.
• Multi-outlet washing design of which the cleaning requirements are met with the three fixed pipes for washing the agitator drum, charging hopper and discharging hopper respectively, and another flexible water outlet.
• Three-point operation system: One in the cab to allow control of the agitator drum, to turn forward and reverse, and to perform the “feed”, “discharging”, “agitate” and “stop” functions. Two at the rear with one operation handle at each side to perform “charge”, “accelerate”, “discharge”, “agitate” and “stop”, all of which are interlocked.        

Engine ParameterType Diesel,6-cyl. In-line, 4- stroke, water-cooled    turbocharged intercooler cycle
Power RatingkW/r/min247/2200
Max. TorqueN.m/r/min1250/1200-1600
Emission    QuantityL9.726
Oil consumed with Min.    ratiog/(Kw.h)195
Emission Standard National Ⅲ
Drum Performance ParameterNormal Volumem310
Filling Ratio%57.8
Gradient of the Drumo12
Filling Speedm3/min≥4
Discharging Speedm3/min≥3
Surplus Ratio%≤0.7
Range of Slumpmm50~210
Hydraulic SystemPump EATON 5423 or others
Motor EATON 5433 or others
Gear Box ZF P4300 or others
Hydraulic Circuit Closed
Water SupplyVolume of Water Tank L 400
Water Supply Type Air Pressure Type
Construction Case Picture
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