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Electric Stacker Truck DB10/12/15E-WA1

Safe & Efficient
•  It remains braking state when the handle is in vertical and horizontal direction to improve the safety of the vehicle.
•  Automatic deceleration function, stepless speed change device, operating safer.
•  Built-in unloading valve to protect the car do not overload use, improve the reliability.
•  Emergency switch, tortoise speed slow down switch, hand equipped with an emergency direction switch, the operation be more safety.

Advanced design
•  Low center of gravity ensures the stable operation.
•  The electronic components' concentrated design simplifies the circuit and makes easily assemble, debugging and maintaining.
• CAN bus technology simplifies circuit and increases reliability.
•  Hall sensor reduces abrasion to increase of service life.
• Vertical driving wheel ensures convenient maintenance and small turning radius. Water proof and dust-proof motor structure, keeps the braking and motor more durable and reliable.

Flexible control
•  Full free lifting is suitable for low roof house ( 3M lift height truck can enter into a 2M door)
•  Multi-function has electric qty, fault code display, working hour display and speed display

Practical & convenient
•  Damping cushion for low-noise operation.
•  AC Motor eliminates replacement of carbon brush.
•  Low voltage protection setting prolongs the service life of battery.
•  Side way battery is easy to maintain.

Characteristics1.1model DB12-RA1 DB15-RA1  
1.2drive batterybattery
1.3operator type srandsrand
1.4load  capacity Q(kg)12001500
1.5load centrec(mm)600601
1.6front overhangx(mm)697698
1.7wheel base Y(mm)14351510
weight2.1capacity(with battery)kg660/710/740/760780/830/840/850
2.2axle loading ,unladen(front/rear)kg1060/8701280/1070
2.3axle loading ,laden(front/rear)kg560/170650/200
wheels chassis3.1tyres type polyurethanepolyurethane
3.2wheel size (front) φ250×70φ250×71
3.3wheel size (rear) φ80×70φ80×71
3.4additional wheels φ150×60φ150×61
3.5wheels ,number front/rear (x = drven wheels) 1x+2/41x+2/5
3.6track width (front)b10(mm)586587
3.7track width (rear)b11(mm)410/525410/526
dimentions 4.1ciosed mast heighth1(mm)2087/1837/2087/223752087/1837/2087/22376
4.2lifting heighth3(mm)1600/2500/3000/33001600/2500/3000/3301
4.3height ,mast extendedh4(mm)22087/3087/3587/388722087/3087/3587/3888
4.4height of tiller in driving position min/maxh14(mm)1150/14501150/1451
4.5height ,fork loweredh13(mm)9091
4.7length to face of forksl2(mm)840920
4.9fork dimentions s/e/l(mm)60/170/1070(1150)60/170/1070(1151)
4.10width across forksb5(mm)580/695580/696
4.11ground clearance centre of wheelbasem2(mm)2829
4.12aisel width,pallet 1000x1200(1200crossways)Ast(mm)24702535
4.13aisel width,pallet 800x1200(1200lengthways)Ast(mm)24402515
4.14turning radius Wa(mm)15751655
Dimensions5.1travel speed ,laden/unladenKm/h6.5/6.76.5/6.8
5.2lifting  speed laden/unladenm/s0.06/0.130.06/0.14
5.3lowering speed , laden/unladenm/s0.13/0.100.13/0.11
5.8max.grade ability, laden/unladen%6/156/16
5.1service brake electromagneticelectromagnetic
motor6.1drive motor power kW1.22.2
6.2lift motor powerkW2.23.2
6.4battery voltage/rated capacityV/Ah24/12024/200
6.5battery weightkg90160
others8.1type of dirve control  DCAC
8.2soundlevel at the driver's sear according to DIN12053dB(A)7071
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