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“Aurora Green” Products Increase Presence in the International Market Marking the Continuous Growth of China's High-End Equipment Overseas


2021 has been a busy year for Zoomlion. With multiple orders received from overseas clients, Zoomlion logos can be seen everywhere in overseas constructions sites. This is the result of Chinese manufacturers’ active attempts in exploring the overseas market, and their approval of Chinese products, as well as proof of the increasing competitiveness of China's high-end equipment manufacturing in the global market.


Astonishing Performance of the “Green Corps” in the "Belt and Road" Countries

Even in the face of the epidemic challenge, Zoomlion's tower cranes, cranes and pump trucks are still popular overseas, especially in the “Belt and Road” countries, and the “Green Corps” has participated in the construction of many major projects.


Zoomlion's Tailored Luffing Jib Tower Crane Assists in the Construction of The Istanbul International Financial Center

Istanbul International Financial Center is Turkey’s new landmark, and will become the tallest building in the Mediterranean region after completion. To accomplish this world-renowned project, Zoomlion's large-tonnage luffing jib tower crane has been working all winter long. The client was not hesitant at all to express his praise for Zoomlion’s cranes: “The easy installation and efficient operation of Zoomlion’s 50-ton large-tonnage luffing jib tower crane has become the main thing construction companies and equipment leasing companies around here are talking about. The heavy-duty tower crane has definitely earned a name for itself in Turkey!" At the equipment bidding, the on-site installation, and during construction, Zoomlion was professional and reliable, and the professional and comprehensive services during the whole process allowed Zoomlion to earn the customers’ trust.

At the installation site of a wind turbine in Vietnam, Zoomlion’s ZCC9800W crawler crane, the Wind Turbine Master was busy working. The ZCC9800W crawler crane can be easily taken apart for transportation purposes. Thanks to their flexibility, the powerful Zoomlion cranes can be relied on as the main hoisting equipment for such projects. Multiple wind turbines that need to be placed 120 to 150 meters above the ground were successfully and effectively installed; on the construction site of the cross-city Airport Expressway in Dhaka, Bangladesh, satisfied with the efficient performance by Zoomlion Aurora Green pump trucks, the client was very enthusiastic in his approval of our products: "We will absolutely consider Zoomlion products first for our future projects, very impressed!"

In Q1, 2021, the construction machinery industry and both domestic and overseas markets maintained strong momentum. As the leading Chinese equipment manufacturing company, Zoomlion’s Q1 results are impressive: In late January, Zoomlion received an order worth 70 million from Panhua, a well-known Chinese steel company. Over 70 cranes will be used to build its new steel plant in Davao city, Philippines. On February 18th, the first day of work after the Chinese New Year, Zoomlion shipped out 1.1 billion worth of products to overseas clients. With its advantages in reliable product performance, worry-free after-sale customer service and good reputation, Zoomlion has experienced a massive spike in its global sales.


It Will Only Get Better As The Industry Recovers

In 2020, the import and export of goods reported a steady recovery of orders, achieving 32.16 trillion RMB in value, up by 1.9% YoY, marking a historical high; among which, the construction machinery industry was particularly astonishing. Using excavators as an example, their export in the first two months increased by 60.7% YoY. According to statistics, the operating hours of excavators in most parts of the world have shown a pick-up trend. As the pandemic eases worldwide, the export of excavators is expected to recover steadily.


Zoomlion’s Crawler Crane Were Used for Wind Turbine Installation in Vietnam

It is worth noting that most of the large overseas orders for construction machinery in the first two months were sent to the “Belt and Road” countries, demonstrating the role of the BRI in boosting the overseas share of Chinese construction machinery companies.

At the same time, in recent years, China has issued a series of policies aimed at promoting the development of high-end equipment and intelligent manufacturing, creating a favorable policy environment for the transformation and upgrading of the construction machinery industry. Major construction machinery companies continue to improve their ability in independent R&D, intelligent manufacturing, and play a more and more important role in the domestic and international market.

The relevant person in charge of Zoomlion said that as we are expanding from the domestic market to the international market, and government priority is being given to new infrastructure and new urbanization initiatives and major projects, the construction machinery will continue to develop at a high rate. In 2021, Zoomlion will continue to optimize its business profile and resource allocation globally, and achieve better development as China becomes more opened up.

Experts say that the overseas market is a blue ocean for Chinese construction machinery companies. At present, domestic construction machinery has greatly improved its product competitiveness. With their branding efforts, advantages in costs, the orders are expected to recover in 2021 in the overseas market after vaccines are given to more people, the pandemic is under better control, and more stimulus plans come out. The construction machinery industry will continue to maintain strong momentum in 2021.