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Technology Fuels Era | Based on Fundamental Strength for Extraordinary Road of “Drilling”, Zoomlion Pile Driving Machinery Strides Towards A New Future


“Invisible foundation makes visible glory”. The solid foundation of all great projects, from skyscrapers to sea-crossing bridges, is the accumulation of foundation construction.

After more than 20 years of development, Zoomlion's foundation machinery is committed to overcoming complicated and changeable geological and construction scenes, leading the transformation and development with technology and independent innovation, climbing new heights and expanding new fields. Looking back on the past, a history of independent breakthrough, innovation, and development has been shining brightly in Shanghai along the Huangpu River.


As a member of the first echelon in the industry, Zoomlion's foundation machinery has helped to achieve the total localization of rotary drilling rigs with the strength of a leader, with the market share of full rotary drilling rigs soaring to the first place in the industry. Looking into the future, the intelligent factory that is under accelerated construction will add continuous power to the soaring of Zoomlion's foundation machinery.

Localization of Rotary Drilling Rigs

At the beginning of 2000, the tide of reform and opening up gave birth to rich places one after another, and the high-speed railway has ushered in an era of explosive development. However, imported rotary drilling rigs were still the mainstream choices for the foundation construction of major projects such as high-speed railway projects.

In this context, in 2002, Zoomlion became one of the first domestic manufacturers to make rotary drilling rigs. Although there were only a few dozen people in the newly established Zoomlion Pile Driving Division, they sounded the clarion call for the rollout of the first rotary drilling rig with their aggressiveness, toughness, tenacity, and studiousness.


Shanghai Industrial Park of Zoomlion Foundation Machinery

In 2003, the rotary drilling rigs independently built by Zoomlion participated in the follow-up construction of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. With the development of the market, a series of practical experiences from the front line, a number of sleepless nights, as well as the analysis and arguments in repeated exploration gave birth to the independently-developed rotary drilling rigs by Zoomlion one after another. With diligence and innovation, Zoomlion Foundation Machinery has made great strides all the way and is constantly heading for new fields with its superior technical strength.

To be an expert in overall solutions of the foundation construction industry

Fear not the strong pass iron-clad on all sides! The summit’s now surmounted with big strides! With the increasing advancement of urbanization and the continuous expansion of underground space construction, foundation construction projects begin to develop in more diverse fields, such as high-speed railways, rail transit, sea-crossing bridges, dams, comprehensive underground spaces. The development and innovation of construction technologies have made the working conditions for construction equipment increasingly complicated.

"We will not only be an OEM for the R&D, production and manufacturing of equipment, but also be an expert in overall solutions for the foundation construction industry!” In the face of development, Zoomlion foundation machinery does not rest on its laurels, but actively thinks about changes and embraces them. By expanding product lines, recruiting more employees, and carrying out extensive research and demonstration, the company, under the double guarantee of technical strength and mobility, has been producing new products such as full rotary drilling rigs, boring machines, and static pressure piling machines. In addition, the Ma’anshan Intelligent Factory is under accelerated construction. Zoomlion foundation machinery has ushered in a trend of vigorous development.


Zoomlion foundation machinery works on the plateau over 4000 meters above sea level.

It's been nearly 20 years since the rollout of the first rotary drilling rig, and the product line has been changed and upgraded continuously. Today, on the construction site of the Sichuan-Tibet High-speed Railway, Zoomlion's rotary drilling rigs painted in aurora green is charging ahead. In the market, a new generation of G series rotary drilling rigs are in full swing. The newly upgraded hydraulic grab buckets and two-wheel groove milling machines are gearing up, leading a new upsurge of the market. Innovative new products, such as coal boring machines and static pressure piling machines, have attracted the attention of the industry. Zoomlion declares its position in the industry with its solid technical strength.


ZY880, a new hydraulic static piling machine introduced by Zoomlion

Creating visible strength with invisible efforts; creating visible values with invisible concentration; creating visible ingenious products with invisible meticulous work……We are determined to innovate and forge ahead to create a promising future. Zoomlion foundation machinery will create greater glory with a more high-spirited attitude.