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A Great Glory of Zoomlion – Over 200 High-end Equipment Shipped to Turkey


Over 200 high-end Zoomlion equipments were successfully loaded on board to be shipped from Tianjin Port to Turkey as a support to local engineering construction. This is the largest export order of engineering machinery in China in recent years, which manifested the extraordinary competitiveness of China’s machinery industry. 


Over 200 high-end Zoomlion high-end equipments to be shipped from Tianjin Port to Turkey 

A colleague from Zoomlion says: “We have been seeing full-load shipment with hundreds of equipment around the globe in recent years. These equipments to be shipped covered nearly all the machinery of Zoomlion, such as construction crane, building crane, concrete machinery, earth mover and aerial work machinery.” 

The increasing popularity and sales of Zoomlion machinery are owing to the economic recovery and market demand growth abroad and also to the outstanding product performance and core technologies as well as the global development strategies. 

For the exported pump trucks, Zoomlion tops the industry in three major indicators – capacity, pressure and placing height thanks to Zoomlion’s armrest vibration absorption system that features higher stability and accuracy.

Moreover, Zoomlion ZE215E-10 and ZE135E-10 are also given higher service life upon technological evolutions on machine, power and liquid with an aim to help lower oil consumption, thus bringing greater competitiveness to Zoomlion.


Earthmoving, Hoisting machinery and other equipment on board 

In 2021, Zoomlion was crowned in the market of Mobile crane machinery. 

In the field of construction machinery, on top of product performance, service system construction and spare parts supply efficiency are also considerations to customers.

Keyyum, the Country Manager of ZOOMLION Turkey, said: “Localization has been a vital strategy for overseas development of Zoomlion. Turkey, on a participant of “Belt and Road” Initiative connecting Europe and Asia, is a fortress of Zoomlion to enter European market and a key area for the localization on overseas market.”

In 2018, Zoomlion established a subsidiary in Istanbul, Turkey, as a central platform integrating administration, warehousing, spare parts, service and logistics functions. In 2021, Zoomlion built a service center in Izmir, Turkey to expand its service scope for customers in Aegean region.

Zoomlion took various measures to safeguard overseas logistics development, such as the routine liners for key regions under cooperation with Sinotrans Limited to guarantee timely and successful delivery. These high-end products now on the liner are expected to arrive at Turkey on July 10. 

Keyyum also said: “Zoomlion will continue to create value for customers with high-quality products and equipment and professional and efficient services, and contribute to infrastructure construction and support for the rapid economic development in Turkey.” With the recovery of overseas markets and the rise of China's high-end equipment manufacturers represented by Zoomlion, Chinese manufacturing industry will witness a blooming future on the global market.