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Vietnam Witnesses Another ZOOMLION Crawler Crane Star The ZOOMLION Wind Turbine Installation Master


"Another 150-meter wind turbine is done. That’s fast!"

Vietnam, a country on the “Belt and Road” initiative, just witnessed another ZOOMLION Aurora Green Crawler Crane helping install the wind turbines.

ZOOMLION crawler cranes can be easily taken apart for transportation purposes. Thanks to their flexibility, the powerful ZOOMLION cranes can be counted on as the main hoisting equipment for such projects. Multiple wind turbines that need to be placed 120 to 150 meters above the ground were successfully installed in an effective manner, demonstrating the high-quality of ZOOMLION products.


ZOOMLION’s ZCC9800W Crawler Crane Were Used For Wind Turbine Installation In Vietnam

As more wind power construction projects kick off in Vietnam, the demand for turbine installation cranes is also growing. Due to its reliable performance and reputation in the local market, ZOOMLION tower cranes are favored by Vietnamese clients, with its sales spiking in the past year.

We were told it was ZOOMLION’s ZCC9800W Crawler Crane that participated in the installation. ZCC9800W Crawler Crane, also known as the “Turbine Installation Master” lived up to its expectations despite the difficult construction conditions in Vietnam and not only that, but it performed extremely well due to its unique advantages.

The installation was facing three big challenges. The first was the height of the turbine. All turbines must be installed 120 to 150 meters above the ground, among the highest in Vietnam. The second challenge was the intensity and frequency of the wind, the large size of the wind turbine component, and the narrow time window for installation; the third challenge was the rainy season. The challenges combined added great difficulty to the project.

How were these challenges addressed? Li Mi, ZOOMLION’s Regional Manager of Vietnam and Thailand told us: “ZCC9800W was used in many conditions before, and can easily handle the installation at this height without compromising performance. The product comes with the self-invented adjustable booms, which can be as long as 178 meters, and the max lifting height can be as high as 180 meters, with the max lifting weight reaching 180 tons. The 180-ton lifting weight can go as high as 147 meters. No other brands can compete with us in the same type of equipment, our product is more than ready for these types of turbine installation projects.”

Also, the easy assembly of equipment can help clients calmly handle the "time window". Li Mi explained: "It is very important for turbine installation to be completed within the "time window" suitable for installations. This ensures operators’ safety, and is most cost-effective for our client. The maximum weight of a single piece of the ZCC9800W crawler crane does not exceed 40 tons, which is convenient for transportation; and the installation is efficient since the whole machine can be assembled within 24 hours. In addition, the product does not have to carry heavy counterweights, which further reduces operating costs."  1394ee80c7cfad42769ea5b8042ae2d.png

ZOOMLION’s ZCC9800W Crawler Crane Were Used For Wind Turbine Installation In Vietnam

Localized service is another reason why ZOOMLION's products are favored by local Vietnamese clients. To ensure maximum convenience for our customers, ZOOMLION has localized ZCC9800W from many aspects. We were told that ZOOMLION has translated the screen, buttons, lifting weight table, operation manual, and technical specifications of the equipment into Vietnamese before the equipment left the factory. The equipment operation interface was standardized, and the system language was also translated into Vietnamese, which facilitates customers to get familiar with the equipment.

"In addition, to better follow up with our client, when local Vietnamese operators cannot come to China for training, we dispatched a technical service team to Vietnam to provide relevant operational training for Vietnamese operators," Li Mi said.

Customers highly appreciated ZOOMLION's thoughtful and considerate service; which also helped ZOOMLION win a larger market share in the Southeast Asian market.

Vietnam has a huge potential for renewable energy, with a total potential of wind energy between 7,000 and 8,700 megawatts. According to the overall power development plan formulated by the Ministry of Industry, Vietnam’s total wind power generation capacity will reach 2,000 megawatts by 2025, and there is huge room for market development. With their whole-hearted service and excellent products, more and more ZOOMLION Aurora Green Crawler Cranes are being purchased in Vietnam and have become a new business card for China's high-end equipment manufacturing. "A couple of orders have been received, and several 800-ton cranes will be shipped to Vietnam soon," Li Mi said.