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Technology Fuels Era丨Zoomlion’s Invincible Mixing Plants: Benchmark of Intelligent Creation


A “Heavenly Road” winds from east to west over mountains. Along the way, mixing plants in aurora green dot it like pearls. These are the plateau mixing plants specially developed by Zoomlion for the Sichuan-Tibet Railway, which are characterized by cold resistance, high efficiency, and environmental protection thanks to a number of industry-leading independent innovative technologies. However, in the 1970s, even most ordinary mixers in China were imported.


Zoomlion Mixing plants help the construction of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway

From “the Plant in China” to “the First Voice of China”

At that time, there were no complete and mature technical data to follow for domestic concrete mixers, whose quality was uneven. Most of concrete machines in China were imported. Under this circumstance, the then Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute (the predecessor of Zoomlion, hereinafter referred to as CCMRI) successfully developed the JZM350 coned reverse discharge mixer with its own profound technical strength, and soon developed the HZZ50 commercial concrete mixing plant based on the former, the first commercial concrete mixing plant of China, which opened a new chapter in the development of concrete mixing plants in China. From then on, domestic mixing plants begun to show its edge and started the journey of replacing imported plants and full localization.


China's first commercial mixing plant developed by CCMRI

Since domestic mixing plants started the journey of replacing imported plants and full localization, Chinese concrete machinery industry has developed rapidly, with many enterprises gradually entering the international market. In order to be better geared to the international community and go global, mastering the right to speak in the formulation of international standards became the goal that Chinese concrete machinery manufacturers pursued diligently at that time. As a leader in the development of China's construction machinery industry and a pioneer in internationalization, Zoomlion was determined to fight for the right of voice for China's concrete industry in the international market with the faith of “striving for a position for China, not in China”.

At the end of June, 2017, ISO 19720-1 Construction Machinery and Equipment-Concrete and Mortar Prefabrication Machinery and Equipment-Part 1 Terminology and Commercial Specifications developed by Zoomlion was officially published. This standard standardizes the terminology and commercial specifications of mixing plants, especially the core performance parameters of mixing plants such as production efficiency, measurement accuracy, and energy consumption, which has greatly enhanced the global recognition and influence of Chinese mixing plants.

This is the first international standard developed under the leadership of China in the construction machinery industry, which indicates that Chinese construction machinery manufacturers have achieved a leap from the output of products and technologies to the output of standards, effectively enhancing the international discourse power of Chinese construction machinery. Nowadays, the mixing plants of Chinese construction machinery manufacturers represented by Zoomlion have been recognized and favored by customers all over the world.


Zoomlion leads the formulation of the first international standard of the construction machinery industry developed under the leadership of a Chinese enterprise

Creating “No.1 Plant” in the Future with New Technology

With the continuous development of social economy, the environmental problems such as dust, noise, waste water, and waste residue discharge during the production of mixing plants have attracted more and more attention, and even become an important factor restricting the development of mixing plants. Zoomlion, as an enterprise transformed from a national scientific research institute, not only needs to become bigger and stronger in the market economy and make profits, but also shoulders the heavy responsibility of improving the scientific and technological level of national industries and promoting the scientific and technological progress of the whole industry.

To promote the upgrading of the concrete industry again, Zoomlion launched the first environment-friendly mixing plant in China in 2011. In the following year, Zoomlion launched a fully upgraded environment-friendly mixing building, which greatly improved the production efficiency and environmental performance of concrete mixing equipment. In 2016, Zoomlion took the lead in formulating the industry standard JB/T12816-2016 Environment-friendly Concrete Mixing Plants (Buildings), and launched a 4.0 mixing plant, an environment-friendly, efficient, and reliable mixing plant.

Xiong'an No.2 Mixing Plant is an elaborate work of Zoomlion built with internationally advanced dust-reducing, noise-reducing, and recycling equipment such as automatic dust removal system, which has achieved zero pollution and zero emissions. In addition, the product, powered by intelligent technology and equipped with functions such as automatic identification of vehicle numbers and automatic weighing, has doubled the production efficiency. Thanks to these new technologies, Zoomlion's environmental-friendly mixing plants distributed all over the country have effectively solved the dust hazard and improved the production efficiency. The mixing plant of Gansu Qilian Mountain Cement Group has been operated for eight years and is still spotless.

At present, the market share of Zoomlion mixing plants has been ranking first in the industry for a long time. Integrating new technologies such as new digital technologies, new energy, and new materials, the company is making innovations and breakthroughs to create the “strongest mixing plants” facing the future and lead the digital, intelligent, and green development of the industry.


Zoomlion's environment-friendly mixing plant

From scratch to a strong company, the development history of Zoomlion’s concrete mixing plants is the epitome of the magnificent times. Zoomlion will, as always, strive to forge ahead in the wave of development. Presently, Zoomlion is constantly deepening the road of green development, and will keep leading the future development of the industry with cutting-edge technologies in digitalization, intelligence, and eco-friendliness.