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Completion of ZOOMLION Australian “Localized” 36m Concrete Spreader, Welcomed on Overseas Market


A few days ago, the new 36m-pipe concrete spreader, a new member of ZOOMLION’s overseas product line family, was completed in the assembling workshop in Lugu Industrial Park, and would be shipped to Australia. This concrete spreader is the competitive product developed by ZOOMLION specially for the Australian high-end market. Its completion has greatly enhanced the competitive capacity of ZOOMLION products on the Australian market. Once being released, it has been warmly welcomed by the overseas customers, and more than 10 units have been ordered.


△ ZOOMLION’s 36m concrete spreader

It is known that the concrete spreader is the end equipment for concrete pumping, and used to convey the concrete pressurized out from trailer pump and on-board pump to forms of members to be casted through pipeline. ZOOMLION has successfully designed the first concrete spreader of China, and become one of earliest concrete spreader research and developing enterprises in China.

This 36m concrete spreader was customized according to the demands of Australian customers. Previously, the longest ZOOMLION concrete spreader in Australia is 33m long; this 36m concrete spreader not only fills up the blank of 36m ZOOMLION concrete spreader on the Australian top-end market, but also is the existing longest pipe-type concrete spreader without counterweight.

During the development and design of 36m concrete spreader, the R&D team strictly followed the 4.0 product standards of ZOOMLION, and adhered to the high standards and strict requirements on production and manufacture. According to the introduction made by Cheng Ke, the project manager of this product, the new 36m concrete spreader has the safe and secure structural members with fatigue life up to the advanced level of Europe. Under the condition that the fatigue life and use intensity of structural members are guaranteed, this product has realized fewer materials, light weight, lower requirement of transport and lifting equipment, convenient maintenance and operation, and high production efficiency.

This concrete spreader has three major features and advantages, namely modular design, universal design, and multi-purpose.

First, the tower body is subject to the modular deign so the tower bodies of different heights can be assembled with the columns of different length according to the construction site requirements of customers. Cheng Ke said: “ This concrete spreader is convenient and fast to dismantle and refit so the installation and transfer time is saved. The whole machine is divided into three modules. The total weight of every module is within the lifting capacity of the tower crane or other equipment used for site construction, and the installation and dismantling of every module do not need other lifting equipment so that both cost and time are saved, and the installation and dismantling efficiencies are increased.

The quick-release pin shaft structures used between three modules, namely between the superstructure and the platform, and between the platform and the tower body, are simple and quick to dismantle and refit, reducing the working intensity.”

Second, the universal design concept is represented by the interchangeable columns of different pipe-type concrete spreaders; the tower body of tower-type concrete spreader uses the standard section of tower-type spreader so the interchange with the tower-type spreader of corresponding type is possible.

Meanwhile, the extension boom is used on this project. The standard boom sections of whole concrete spreader are 36m long in total, and can be reduced to 33m after the extension boom is dismantled, in order to meet the different construction site requirements, realize the multi-purpose application of same machine, and save the equipment purchase cost of the customer.

Additionally, with the diversified mounting forms, this concrete spreader has a high adaptability. It can be installed on the fixed foundation, ballasted foundation, moveable foundation, floor or in the elevator shaft, for the customer to select so it is applicable to different work sites.

Now, ZOOMLION concrete speakers have been widely exported to overseas markets, specially in Australia, Middle East and Hong Kong. Its market share in Australia has ranked first successively for many years. On one hand, ZOOMLION entered the Australian market early, and established the stable customers owing to its long high-quality service; on the other hand, the outstanding performance and iterative innovation of ZOOMLION products have constantly enhanced the brand reputation, and the local distributors are willing to recommend the ZOOMLION equipment actively. When quickening the distribution, ZOOMLION investigates the market conditions timely, listens to the customer’s feedback, insists on the localization policy on the overseas market, and innovates and improves the products constantly to meet the market demands.

The successful completion of 36m concrete spreader is not only the satisfying product manufactured by ZOOMLION in timely and efficient accordance with overseas market demands and customer’s requirements, but also another achievement of constant innovation. Afterwards, ZOOMLION will further enhance the development, and upgrade the product constantly to provide the customers with stronger and better products and create the higher value.