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Zoomlion Customer Day Successfully Held in Saudi Arabia


Local Presence, Forge Brighter Future.Recently, Zoomlion displayed a variety of products such as mobile cranes, excavators, forklifts and aerial work machinery as part of its marketing promotion held in Saudi Arabia. At the event, the sparkling aurora green products lined up in an orderly fashion. Their aesthetically pleasing appearance and superior performance won critical acclaims from more than 100 visitors, leading to an order for nearly 100 units.


“This event is Zoomlion’ initiative to move its products and services to the doorstep of customers, and also presents a concrete action to implement the development model that integrates vehicle sales, spare parts supply, after-sales service, and information feedback in Saudi Arabia. The company will create more value for its customers with more prompt and attentive services,” said Liu Jianwei, Country Manager of Zoomlion Saudi Arabia.

It has been said that the products for promotion are all adapted to the Saudi market, with targeted design in high temperature resistance and wind/sand erosion resistance. After more than ten years of efforts, Zoomlion has now cracked the Saudi market, one of Zoomlion’s strategic overseas markets, with a full range of products. It secures the top share in the local market, even with a solid first place in terms of construction hoisting machinery.


Saudi Arabia is an important partner of China and an important node in the blueprint of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). With the development of Saudi Arabia’s economy, the increasing local demand for construction machinery and equipment is driven by infrastructure construction in full swing. Zoomlion’s various products and equipment can be found in the construction of many major projects and have been highly acclaimed. Meanwhile, Zoomlion has opened a subsidiary in Saudi Arabia, where it has established a comprehensive product sales, parts supply and after-sales service system with strong supply and service guarantee capabilities.

Zoomlion will continue to actively implement China’s BRI, following the international development path of “going global, going in, and going up”. By reaching out to the global market from its base in China with high-quality products and services, it will also continue to capture development opportunities and lead the development trend, enabling more and more Zoomlion equipment to be seen in projects around the world.