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China Exporting the Largest Tonnage of All-terrain Cranes! Zoomlion ZAT8000H Batch Delivered To Kuala Lumpur


Recently, Zoomlion ZAT8000H all-terrain crane batch delivery ceremony was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The 800-ton equipment delivered this time is the largest tonnage of all-terrain cranes exported overseas by China. This is also a landmark event for Zoomlion in crane exports after it set a new record for the largest tonnage crane exported to overseas countries last year, which highlights the strength and brand influence of this leading global construction machinery enterprise.


Batch delivery of Zoomlion's ZAT8000H all-terrain crane

    The delivered ZAT8000H all-terrain crane is one of Zoomlion's construction crane ace products, which is widely used in wind power hoisting, large petrochemical projects, bridge hoisting and municipal projects. It is a veritable king of all-rounders, and has maintained the first market share since its launch.

    It is understood that Zoomlion ZAT8000H has made a new leap in equipment weight, lifting performance and intelligent control. The "4+3" split boom, automatically retractable and combinable main boom, all-axis steering, and intelligent control system enable it to operate efficiently and stably with strong power, as well as to transfer safely and conveniently. "We have also made local adjustments to the product (such as installing the latest tower boom and adjusting the operating angle of the super-lifting mast) for the specific working conditions of overseas customers, so that its construction performance reaches the international leading level." the relevant person in charge from Zoomlion said.



Zoomlion ZAT8000H all-terrain crane

Strong strength and customized upgrades make the ZAT8000H a big hit overseas. At the delivery ceremony, the customer said, "The profound technical heritage, good customer reputation and perfect after-sales guarantee system are the reasons why I choose Zoomlion cranes." Zoomlion, as the world's most professional crane manufacturer, has strong technical strength in the field of lifting machinery, and its many record-breaking construction cases are also widely circulated overseas. In particular, ZCC9800W crawler crane (known as the "son of the wind") has been the first choice of global customers when lifting wind power equipment, which has been exported in bulk to Europe and other places.

With the continuous improvement of manufacturing strength and brand influence, Zoomlion's localization strategy continues to deepen, its overseas market continues to expand, and its products and services have covered more than 130 countries and regions around the world. Zoomlion will continue to strengthen the integration and innovation of digital, intelligent, green and other future technologies, carry out elaborate R&D and lean manufacturing, create more value for customers with high-quality and high-performance intelligent products, and lead the products made in China to sail abroad.