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Bauma 2022丨Exhibition Area Full of Sense of Technology! Zoomlion Wins Orders Worth Over RMB 1.2 Billion, Becoming “Blockbuster” at bauma Germany


On October 28, the bauma Germany, a “gluttonous feast” of global construction machinery industry, was still in full swing. Zoomlion, a global leader of construction machinery, assembled and displayed its technological achievements and products at the forefront of industry innovation, and set off wave after wave of climaxes at the site. So far, Zoomlion has signed contractual and intentional orders worth over RMB 1.2 Billion at the site, fully demonstrating its image of a digital, intelligent, and green leader and product benchmark in the industry.


Visitors to Zoomlion’s exhibition area in an endless stream

High Standard Design, Intelligence-driven

Benchmarking Products Attracting Waves of Orders

As a leader in the engineering hoisting machinery industry, Zoomlion introduced the new rough-terrain tyre crane RTC500, the all-terrain crane ATC1000, and the city crane ATC400C made by its Italian subsidiary CIFA at this year’s Bauma. These three products are tailor-made for the European market in terms of styling design and performance advantages, and are benchmark products of Zoomlion in the field of crane research and development and localized manufacturing in Europe.

In addition, Zoomlion Construction Hoisting Machinery, with more than 60 years of technical inheritance and innovation and its unique technical advantages, brought the new R-generation tower cranes to customers all over the world. This series of tower cranes adopt the round-tenon structure to enhance the universality and safety of the tower body, and also realize the ultimate application of cutting-edge technologies such as digitalization and intelligence, so as to create “risk-free” tower cranes with full-domain security.

The new-generation Energya series electric pump truck K42E, an all-electric product released by CIFA, an Italian subsidiary of Zoomlion, offers two power supply modes: built-in battery and plug-in, which can realize electric operation with zero emissions. The carbon fiber jib is adopted to meet the European standard of 4 axles and 32 tons for the vehicles, and the intelligent technology enables it to realize automatic identification, automatic adaptation, and automatic optimization of material conditions, which can meet the demands of customers in various working conditions.


Electric pump trucks released by CIFA, Italian subsidiary of Zoomlion.

The orders show recognition, and the new products show the trend. These benchmark products gathered a high popularity for Zoomlion at the event, and drew customers from all over the world one after another, who signed a number or orders at the site. So far, Zoomlion has signed on-site orders and intentional orders worth over RMB 1.2 billion, covering various categories, such as construction cranes, concrete machinery, earthmoving machinery, AWP, building cranes, and forklifts, which triggered a boom at the site.

Diversified Activities, Cutting-edge Demonstration

Future Technologies Offer Perfect Experience to Audience

In addition to signing contracts and new product launches, which triggered a boom at the site, Zoomlion also offered diversified activities and demonstrated various cutting-edge technological achievements, which helped it attract a lot of fans.

This year is just the year of the 30th anniversary of Zoomlion. The audience can feel the blending of history and modern technology, and experience Zoomlion's profound corporate culture through real-time audio-visual interaction with the help of photo walls on the milestones and high-end technological products of the company and the 30th anniversary documentaries. In addition, the online exhibition hall also provides the audience with a “tour on the cloud” at the site to feel the power and beauty of heavy equipment.


Zoomlion 30th Anniversary Exhibition at bauma 2022 Germany

In the interactive experience area on the first floor of the area, Zoomlion has built a micro-landscape building, which offers 3D virtual precision design and construction simulation of overseas large-scale engineering projects through real-life VR, so that the audience can feel the working condition and operation experience of construction machinery at close range. Besides, various interactive experience sections (e.g. interactive PK competition, on-site code scanning to win gifts) and LED interactive screens were also provided therein, thus allowing the audience to better experience and feel the new technologies and achievements of Zoomlion.


The audience in Zoomlion’s interactive experience area

Moreover, in the digital experience zone, Zoomlion displays the intelligent rental system and intelligent service system respectively. The systematic achievements created by these cutting-edge technologies have amazed the audience, who can personally experience the realistic scenes created by Zoomlion with advanced future technologies.

As one of the three major fairs of construction machinery, bauma in Munich, Germany provides an excellent exhibition stage for global construction machinery enterprises. On this stage, as a leader in the construction machinery industry, Zoomlion is constantly staging a legend, which not only triggers a climax after another with a steady stream of orders and endless new products, but also brings the future scenes into reality with its own innovative technologies, showing and leading the future trend of the industry.